Why Micro-Tyco

Invest in yourself

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Emerson.

Micro-Tyco is designed to address the fact that there are millions of people in business and studying business today who have never and will never experience the spirit of enterprise in its most essential form. As a result they will never achieve or contribute a fraction of what they are capable of. This underperformance not only affects the individual but has serious consequences for our economy and our wider community. Micro-Tyco inspires participants to discover new talents and refine existing ones in a challenging, pressured, yet non-stressful environment. It reveals new horizons and develops deep confidence, whilst instilling and refining the emotional components of enterprise that can only be learned through experience. Its unique combination of senior business leader mentoring, community engagement and altruism makes Micro-Tyco a deeply transformative experience for the individual that benefits us all.

Invest in your company

Micro-Tyco is designed to create a culture of enterprising individuals not just entrepreneurs. Great companies are not just founded by great entrepreneurs, they are populated by great enterprising people and nurture enterprising cultures. We have all experienced dealing with someone in a company who lacks that quality and so destroyed all the good work contributed by those around them. Even with best intentions many of us, despite doing a good job, do not see our role in terms of the overall objectives of the company. Others get so used to the ‘rules’ of their industry, or habits of their profession, that they cease to be able to think creatively or boldly. Micro-Tyco challenges people to rediscover their enthusiasm, energy and creativity and inspire a new personal best that keeps getting better for the benefit of themselves, their team and their company.

Invest in our children

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools shall suffer harm.’ Proverbs 13:20.

When was the last time you saw a truly inspiring role model or a business person portrayed well in the media? Rather they are either condemned as villains or reduced to obnoxious caricatures in the name of entertainment. How must this be perceived through the eyes of our children? What values and behaviours are they learning? To place a vulgar premium on mere money and the belief that the simple possession of it denotes merit, to value fame and possessions before character and contribution and to aspire to be like vacuous ‘celebrities’. At WildHearts we know from repeated experience that our business community is rich with wonderful role models at all levels from whom our children can learn and be inspired. Micro-Tyco nurtures and validates our children’s talents and empowers them to aspire to values that will ennoble them. Their gift to us in return is a renewed sense of fun, creativity, enthusiasm and fearlessness.

Invest in our community

‘Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar’ Emerson.

If our country has never been richer and our population so affluent why is it that anti-depressants are amongst the most prescribed drugs in our culture? Why if we have never before achieved or possessed so much have we never been so unhappy? Have we forgotten that money and wealth are not the same things or that the selfish drive for self preservation is matched by the equally strong selfless drive to care for and feel connected to one another? By investing the wealth created to help the world’s poorest people, Micro-Tyco reconnects self-development with compassion and responsibility for our fellow citizens. It associates monetary success with altruism and inspires the knowledge that the greatest leaders are the greatest servants. If we work together Micro-Tyco will not only enhance our emotional well-being, it will fulfill the goal of inspiring the leaders our world deserves.

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