All 10 ten teams have had a fantastic week; showing how well they can work together to get a job done and work through problems. I've seen a huge improvement in the way all pupils are communicating with me, each other and their network within school. My highlight so far goes something like this:
Team x: "Can we ask team y if we can sell our stuff at their event?"
Teacher: "It's not really me you need to ask..."
Team x: "Can we sell our product at your event, please, team y?"
Team y: "Sure, but we'd like 10p from each one you sell."

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Comment by Michaela Stephen on February 19, 2016 at 11:51am

Brilliant to hear the students working so collaboratively together. This is what we love to hear and I am sure all of the pupils hard work will really pay off. Well done Dunrobin primary!


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